Vienna is … anarchist!

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Everything has a long night these days – museums, parties, churches and the subway. But what you have waiting for in vain, is finally happening for the first time – the long night of anarchy.

Where dominance establishes itself, where a racist, sexist, transphobic, capitalist, anti-Semitic and homophobic consensus re-invents itself and gets worse every day, contradiction is needed more than ever. Everything is supposedly possible in times of neoliberal “diversity” that let you be a little different here and there, if you principally let yourself be exploited and engrossed. But that can’t be it, it’s not only us (you too, right?) who know about the possibility and necessity of a society free of domination.

Even in Vienna there are leftist, emancipatory, autonomous projects, initiatives and spaces that don’t want to integrate themselves in to the dominating mainstream, and who question it. There is no “outside”, but plenty of “against”. And the attempt to un-learn what we have learned, in order to make our own rules far beyond the written, unwritten and internalized laws and norms. Power relations are diverse and quite different – accordingly, despite all the overlaps and (im)possible dissociations, there are

radical left,

projects, in order to make visible these mechanisms of oppression and not to subordinate them as a “principal contradiction” and thus basically deposit them. The initiatives utilize and organize bars, libraries, trailer parks, free shops, temporary spaces, cafés, house projects, workshops, archives, discussion forums, occupations, reading groups and much more. What they have in common is that they are all constantly being challenged and having to fight for their existence.
To show the spectrum of this scenery, to make visible and open up political spaces for those who don’t know or haven’t visited them yet, to present emancipatory projects and leftist criticisms – the long night of anarchy invites to these things. In order to allow for society to be thought and made differently, to be collectivized, without disregarding hedonisms and fun in the process.
Diverse spaces will open their gates on May 7th and be presenting programs in the form of readings, parties, people’s kitchens, discussions, exhibitions and concerts … come on by!

“And when the night is at its deepest, the day is closest”